Your products are brilliant. They actually make a difference, nurture the skin, and I take great pleasure in using them every day. 

       Bojana Novakovic-ACTRESS

"I used your beautiful serums today on an actor that arrived with a severe eczema type rash all over her face and neck.

She said everything that she had put on her face had made it worse and had stung.I used the Greenroom serum first and she said it felt great.It was soothing, cooling and refreshing on her angry skin.Then I thought I'd try the XCU Gel serum. That also was a welcome treat for her extremely dry and almost hardened skin.The skin had started to peel and was so dry that I could see how most moisturisers would just sit on her skin, but the serums were absorbed beautifully.I keep applying throughout the day and her skin loved it.

Thank you so much for these serums, they are a delight to use"


 My skin has been looking pretty good over this past year and this is why ~ Applebox Cosmetics...! the website is now up and running.. I have been a happy tester the past year and my skin has never felt so good. Its main ingredient is 100% organic fucodain (google this incredible stuff) its from the pristine waters off the coast of Tasmania, Its like a magic potion for your face..I can't rave enough about it, its even faded some of my sun spots. Its made by an amazing make up artist friend Wendy de Waal  & Elena Demetriou ~ thanks gals, you've made a stellar product that i will continue to use forever !! ♥ ♥ ♥

           Lisa Javelin-STYLIST

I love these products.  The public eye serum is my favourite and it really works.  I've never used anything as effective and I am impressed. 

           Marge McInnes-PRODUCER

Well.........I absolutely love the products! Thank you so much! Kate introduced me a little on my last visit to Sydney and then surprised me with a whole package of the cleanser, green room gel serum, 5am gel serum and day/night moisturizer. I then jumped on line to buy the "public Eye".......what a great product! For someone like me with very dark circles and a tendency to puffiness it really works!

I have had a problem skin since my early teens and still suffer from congested skin in my late 30's!! I have tried just about everything out there to help, but to no avail.
I feel that Applebox cosmetics have definitely improved my skin in the last few months. My open pores feel a little more refined, my congestion has reduced                   significantly and I don't suffer from those horrible little hard milea which I get from using products that are too heavy. I love the fact that the cleanser gently exfoliates as well as cleanses, the gel serums are so healing and rejuvenating. And I absolutely love the day/night moisturizer, it seems to oxygenate my skin and has never felt so soft.

 Oh and my 4 year old daughter Eve recently fell and cracked her head open. She had to have major double stitches on her forehead. I have been sneaking in every night when she is asleep to put the gel serums on the wound. I started with the green room face/body serum, now use the 5am gelserum to really regenerate the area. Even though her scar is in its early stages, I'm sure it is healing a lot more efficiently.


manager/reception @ a day spa

I’m not particularly proud in saying that I’m a Product vulture. Skin care and hair care is ridiculous for me. I have, literally, tried everything. So when someone wanted me to try something new it was with a healthy does of cynicism that I agreed. I then received some really good sized, well produced samples. Not a “dot “ of something, which by the way actually turns me off a product, not on but proper week long samples. So I’m interested straight away. Someone knows what they’re doing.

It turns out this skin care range called applebox cosmetics is just really good. I would definitely put it right up at the top end but the range size is better, it’s vegan (even I’m becoming scared of the toxic factor in skin care – cynical me) and it makes an impact on your skin. Very quickly.  One brilliant product after the next. It’s beautiful.

Even the cleanser is incredible. I have been known to yawn, when someone tries to sell me a cleanser. Not with applebox. It feels fantastic and my dry, puffy, blotchy skin is just much better and it’s only been 3 weeks. The super serum another product called 5am and the moisturizer – brilliant. Even the cleanser!

Lizzy Gardiner

costume designer

 I have had the wonderful good fortune of being introduced to Applebox Cosmetics late last year while working with Wendy De Waal on the feature film The Sapphires.

Wendy & Elena have created an absolutely unique range of luscious, organic & 100 percent Australian stand alone skin products. 
Their gel serums & mists are all super wearable with or without makeup, & once you get used to the nutrient rich kelpy difference, you will never look beyond for ‘skinspiration’!
My skin looks & feels fab a dab, smooth, blemish free, perfectly nourished without goopy emollients or perfumes.
I am shameless in recommending these magnificent products to anyone ready to ‘get real’ with the skin they are in.
Good enough to eat!

Tess Schofield

I am absolutely loving your products! They smell and feel so fresh and delicious - they are a joy to use. My skin feels and looks better than it has in years. I feel like the products are actually BALANCING my skin - a concept that has been sort of theoretical till now. Hilarious - I sound like a cliched ad - but it's actually true. 

Sarah Woods


I love the products. The serums are divine. Application is seamless and glides on. Feeling the benefit already. Not sticky either. No parabens in products is what I first look out for. Made from local products is a bonus.

It is obvious a lot of thought has been put into the packaging for I also like:
being able to see the product in the container and can grab it by colour without having to put my specs on
the pump-action containers and that they dispense what you need - no waste or contamination from hands
that they're a size that fits in your grasp and in the bathroom cupboard
the 'customers who bought this also bought...'

Lorraine Long

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