Marine and Botanical

Our Ocean of Skin Care

Along the rugged, wind-swept coastline of Tasmania grow vast under-water forests of kelp seaweed. 

This pristine, isolated environment is home to some of the purest, most uncontaminated and natural marine ingredients in the world.

Biotechnology companies are exploring the therapeutic properties of many of the compounds discovered in this environment and without question one of the most promising is Fucoidan.

Fucoidan is a unique marine ingredient that has both soothing and restorative effects on skin. The key building blocks of skin are elastin and collagen and it is the breakdown of these building blocks from sun damage and age that are the most noticeable signs of “ageing skin”. The real impact is from the increased activity of two enzymes that breakdown the elastin and collagen that keep skin looking youthful and healthy (these enzymes are called elastase and collagenase).

In clinical trials Fucoidan has shown that it inhibits enzymes such as elastase and collagenase and is therefore highly effective in reducing inflammation, tissue damage and enhancing what dermatologists call “dermal condition”.

Our Tasmanian-sourced Fucoidan is guaranteed to be:

  • Natural, safe and non-allergenic
  • Derived only from wild seaweeds growing in pristine waters
  • Seaweeds are hand-harvested on a sustainable basis
  • No solvents or harsh chemicals are used in extraction of Fucoidan
  • Tested only on humans
  • Organic-certified

Your skin will love Fucoidan because:

  • It is soothing
  • Restorative
  • Inhibits the activity of radical enzymes that age skin
  • Maintains youthful plumpness, elasticity and tone
  • Improved immune response 
  • reduces inflammation, wrinkle depth and skin roughness
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