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After 30 years working in the media it became apparent to Wendy and Elena that there was a lack of products on the market with active ingredients that would significantly improve skin without the use of synthetic ingredients. Many people have sensitivities to skin products including sun block and cosmetics. However with all the products on the market with synthetic actives that turn back the clock everyone wants a piece of the action without the use of complex synthetic and irritating formulas.

People have also become cynical regarding the marketing surrounding products and their huge claims. We are thrilled to announce a product that actually has been proven to significantly improve the skins structure with actives derived purely from Mother Nature.

Wendy notes some skin issues that come up daily when working as a makeup artist;

“Many people suffer common skin conditions like ACNE, rosacea, dermatitis and pigmentation and many have also had laser treatments and other kinds of resurfacing and cosmetic procedures that leave them hypo sensitive to many products.
These common skin conditions need non-irritant and healing protection against the sun and other irritants.
We are all after a fresh natural finish from our daily skin care that will also work perfectly as a primer to improve the application of makeup and protect against it.
Improved skin decreases the need to conceal blemishes under thick cover-ups that clog pores leaving a dull pasty appearance. Nothing can top the look of fresh natural skin when faces appear larger than life on our flat screen TV’s and in the cinema.”

“Even if a performer starts a run of work with good skin they find within days of wearing constant make up and sun block during the long hours and challenges they face their skin will react and become sensitive and troublesome just when they need to look their best.”

“For men who may have to do a close shave each day (often leaving a red chaffed surface texture) finding a calming and healing product that can be a primer against other skin care and cosmetics is crucial whether you are in the public eye or not.”

A search began for the kinds of natural ingredients that would offer basic UV and UVB protection and also treat and perfect the skin.
Nutrient extracts that would also form a micro mask that would seal the skin, like a second skin, not clog pores, add unwanted excess oils and over nourish skin.
A youthful dew and firm texture without a greasy result, healthy, fresh and polished clean looking skin always appears naturally fresh and radiant so this was the finish to achieve.

Wendy, Elena and Doug researched many avenues before settling on the use of the amazing FUCOIDEN, a 100% organic kelp extract from the pristine oceans of Tasmania which after extensive research is known to improve elasticity, skin tone and fine lines, be a non-irritant and a natural form of sun protection. It’s anti viral, anti-oxidant and anti aging performance left no doubt it was the perfect ingredient for treatment primers and beautification products.
After having the great pleasure of using and testing the products personally and professionally the product went into production and became available online. 

All of APPLEBOX ingredients have been meticulously selected; the criteria being that they are backed by research, purely sourced and non-irritant to most skin types.
Also that they are quickly absorbed and leave a natural non greasy finish that smoothes skin instantly and also works to perfect skin permanently with long term use.
Natural and organic ingredients that are not tested on animals and are fair trade have been prioritized. All products contain pure Marine and Botanical extracts

Pure nutrients that love skin
Creating beauty naturally

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